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Increasing Max Upload Size in cPanel

  • GoGo-Host.Net (admin)
  • 08/01/2018 18:40:16
  • Hello,
    How to increase Max upload size in cPanel using php.ini file ?

    Login to your cPanel > Filemanager
    Create an php.ini file inside public_html Directory

    Paste the below code : 


    You can change the value from 40 to any value as per your Need.If you have issue with wordpress theme uploading just copy and paste the php.ini file inside the "wp-admin" directory which will fix the issue.

    To increase memory limit just add the below code inside the php.ini


    You can change the value from 128 to 256 as per your need.

    If you have any issue feel free to open a ticket with your domain name which is affected we will help you to do it from our end !

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