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Enabling PhpmyAdmin for cPanel

  • GoGo-Host.Net (admin)
  • 18/05/2017 18:38:09
  • How to Enable Phpmyadmin ?
    Login to your WHM > Feature Manager
    2.You can see "Add a new feature list" in that Field enter any name for the feature manager and Click on Add feature list
    3.It will show for More options In the top you can see "Select all features for :" Tick the check box and Save it
    4.Now goto WHM > Edit a package In the end of page you can see "Settings" Below that you can see "Feature list" in that Dropdown Select the Feature you have created and save the package.

    Now all cPanels under the package will have PHPMYADMIN Access.Do the same for all packages and Newly Created packages too


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